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Jane communicates with angels, guardians, guides, and others that assist in various ways to help us to make sense of the issues and choices on this sometimes confusing plane of existence. Those helpers see the larger picture behind the scenes and know us more intimately than we know ourselves; they are always involved in any work Jane performs for you.

All facets of life can be brought to light. Any reading style you choose will help you incorporate the most advantageous direction, or energetic balancing for your current situation. Below is a sampling, not a complete list, of the tools Jane has available, however, your session will flow just as smoothly allowing the energy to dictate what is appropriate to help you the most.

When questions are written down prior to a reading it allows for more focus, makes certain all your concerns are answered, and effortless completeness is more ensured.

Spirit Communication (channeling): Jane acts as a translator between you and higher beings. People often feel or sense the presences’ as Jane is working with them on your behalf. Often clients change grief to relief by utilizing this service to gain closure with those that have passed over.

Tarot: Great for those wishing general, or in depth, insight to the areas of life that affect us all: relationship, family, career, health, and finances.

Health Scanning: Determines where imbalances linger before facilitation of healing work. You may be requested to see your physician or other health practitioner depending on what imbalances come to light.

Energy Balancing: Uses universal energy to create balance in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. It can be applied for simple releasing to chronic health issues. It may or may not include the use of crystal or stones.

Soul Retrievals: Helps to repair damage incurred from long or short term traumas during childhood or current issues. The parts of our energy that have compartmentalized aside from us become reincorporated to bring wholeness. When you’ve tried to fix a part of a life and it just doesn’t seem to work, it might be time for this type of work. We become “unstuck” and more able to move forward.

Psycho-pump: Assists spirits in need or those passing over to make their journey easier. It also assists friends and family members left behind to come to completeness with those parted and heal.

Pet Communication: Helps us understand what is really going on with our furry friends.

Reading parties, classes, and workshops may be held in your area.