Classes & Workshops

Integrative Intuition Intensive: With this eight week course you will be more easily able to eliminate issues, manifest your dreams, protect, and walk through your life secure in knowing your energies are strong and flowing. This is a fun, hands on progressive course designed to enhance, develop, and expand your personal intuitive muscles. You will apply this knowledge base in everyday life. Light is also shed on topics you’ve always wanted to learn about or experience in a comfortable, relaxing, and even exciting atmosphere. Newbie’s and well seasoned professionals alike will benefit from the intensive. Get ready for lots of those “aha” moments!

There are seven subjects covered in the intensive, designed to give you a strong background in metaphysics and universal laws that provide a solid non dogmatic base point of experience from which to build. Coverage includes: meditation and its vast varieties; universal law and theory, including manifesting your dreams; how to see, feel, clear and heal auras/ energy fields; communicating, gridding, and healing with crystals’ and stones. Additionally, there is an entire days hands on workshop in which you will give and receive a crystal healing layout. You will experience and practice energy therapies in a safe space, which provides a firm foundation and helps you discover and strengthen your natural gifts. You will learn what readings really are and what goes on behind the scenes during one, as well as successfully perform and receive several types of readings.

Shakti Pat Meditation: This is a highly specialized weekly Kundalini meditation that brings unwanted patterns and energies up and out while increasing our frequencies to higher and higher levels. It is a visual and uplifting experience.

Quantum Healing: Learn how to safely apply energies to heal yourself and others on multidimensional levels. This class isn’t only about healing, but utilizing energies for every day purposes. It not only encompasses the body, mind, heart and soul but taps into the many forms of consciousness and dimensions not usually experienced in healing methods.

Crystal & Stones workshops and classes: Designed to utilize your own intuitive abilities and work with these beings’ altruism and immense knowledge.

Meditation: It’s always the first place to start honing your skills, receive information, communicate with your helpers, apply energy to heal, or simply relax and zone out. These classes provide an experiential format of many types of meditation that will work for you. It helps many overcome the “I can’t seem to meditate” syndrome.