About The Sacred Door

Jane’s abilities of being a psychic and medium, along with clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), have been active since early childhood. Because of these intuitive gifts she has committed to continuous personal growth, which enables her to reach even further heights of awareness and abilities.

Jane began learning Middle Eastern dance (belly dance) in 1993, and later added teaching and performing, which she continues to offer today. Through Middle Eastern dance one strengthens and expands personal growth on all levels. It becomes a healing work of great depth for many people and perfectly compliments Jane’s other endeavors.
She wishes to be of help with her gifts, since service has been a calling and life focus. With her enthusiasm and a positive outlook, she empowers others to find clarity and realize their authentic selves. Many have attested on the comfort and safeness they feel during a reading with Jane. Her intentions are to guide and enhance ones natural talents and insights, not replace them during a reading or teaching a class. She respects the individual’s personal beliefs when she provides help. She believes that spirituality, although a serious enterprise should be enjoyable along the way and be approached from a lighthearted standpoint as much as possible.
Because Jane has been an intuitive consultant most of her life, she decided to open the physical doors of The Sacred Door in 1998. It was opened as a retail store with the addition of readings and education in a serene and enlightened environment. Currently The Sacred Door primarily focuses on education, readings, and dance to inspire and add richness and joy to others lives.