Jane is here to help reveal and open doors to your own evolution. When the doors open you receive answers, confirmation, gain clarity, and manifest your dreams. Whether you need organization from chaos, simple to advanced information, or resolution of conflict; its here for you, knock on the door.

You will enjoy the warm, non-judgmental, no-nonsense atmosphere of your private or group session. With counseling, humor, and a willingness to make a real difference Jane is truly unique and talented. Her great compassion for others and the enjoyment of bringing the unknown to illumination is contagious.

Jane consults for people of all walks of life, from celebrities and politicians to anyone on the street. She also coaches other professional readers and those with raw intuitive talent looking for assistance with their gifts.

As a side note, Jane has taught Middle Eastern (belly) dance for almost twenty years. She has found that this dance and the intuitive arts mesh beautifully, universal energy can intentionally be generated with this dance and used for release, manifesting, and other healing work.

The Sacred Door is open and waiting for you!